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Perfect Just for You!
How far will You go for love?
Valentine's Day Blog
Love & Respect
From the Proposal to the Vows


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Perfect Just for You!

Hey guys,

Its been a while. Well here is something that got me thinking the other day.

Everyone knows that no one person is perfect. There is usually at least one fault.

What I have learnt recently is, There is that one person who is perfect just for you!

Why do I say that, simple! He/she is perfect for you because you accept that person and love them despite their faults.

I am not saying you should lower your standards however you will accept that person with their small imperfection.

This can include but limit to:

How far will You go for love?

Some people thing Love is over-rated, but in truth - they have never experienced real truthful, faithful and mind-blowing love.
I confess I have loved before but nothing compares to how I feel now
I'm overjoyed, happy beyond recognition and grateful.
FYI: Love is not about two persons but the fact that both persons have incorporated God into their relationship
So How far will You go for love?
"I had died everyday
Waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid

Valentine's Day Blog

Valentine's Day.......Season of Love......
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It Will Rain
Bruno Mars
"My heart to you is given: Oh, do give yours to me; We'll lock them up together, And throw away the key.

Love & Respect

As apart of my new year resolution; I have asked the Lord to guide and prepare me to find someone to love.
With God and Love; what is the use of a relationship.
I have recently spoken to a close friend about how have she maintained a great relationship with her husband for almost 10 years now and from the conversation; this is what i learnt:
Without the following, your relationship will not be successful:
  • God's guidance
  • Love
  • Friendship(being each other best friend)
  • Respect for each other

From the Proposal to the Vows

"I do swear that I'll always be there, through sickness and health; happiness and sorrow, For better or worse I'll always love you,  with every beat of my heart." Shaina Twain
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These are very popular words spoken my the ones we love at the alter.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
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How Come, How Long
Babyface and Steve Wonder
How can you just ignore the noise of an abusive husband/boyfriend beating his wife/girlfriend?
Dont be expressive through volience
How can you sleep knowing that your neighbor is beating his children wrongly because he is drunk or angry?

Make a difference

helping others to love themselves
Every body need someone to listen to them, someone to talk to and someone to be a true friend.
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Lean On Me
Kirk Franklin
Everybody at some point in life feels as if life isn't worth much anymore and prays to God for a sign that life does has a purpose for them.


What does music mean to you?
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Being Yourself

Expressing Yourself is not all about Music and Poetry.
It can be extended to how you present yourself also. I recently visitedwww.thefacepalette.comand realised that people express themselves just by the way they present themselves to the wider public.
Some persons pride their appearance by either being natural or use of comestic products.
I fully support being Natural, presenting the best you, being natural in my opinion, means having a good personal hygiene, proper grooming of hair and nails and presenting a bright smile.

Expressing yourself through Music

Express yourself through Music Music has proven to be a popular medium used by many to express themselves and their thoughts.
Have you ever been lost for words, not knowing how to express how you are feeling to that special one, or wanting to bring across to a group of individuals a specific point?
Well I have and I am guessing many of you too.
Wanting to express some anger, sadness, joy, love, inspiration or even deliver a motivational piece and words are just not enough.
Music has been my saviour many times and has brought to me the desired results I need.