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The Sunrise & Sunset
As the sun rises in the east
And sets in the west
My admiration for you
Grows with much adoration
In the morning, I watch the sun rise
How beautifully radiant it is
As it rises over the hills and mountain
And shines its everlasting beauty on this earth
The rising of the sun is a precious fight and a sight that brings meaning to one's life
An everlasting breath taking sight is the setting of the sun
How words are incomparable to such beauty
the colors of the rays dancing across the clouds onto the water
How the waves made love on the horizon
thrusting in all its majestic blue to embrace the beauty of its love
Causing the sand to imprint in itself its jealous rage
Sunrise, Sunset
Symbolizes the birth of love and how its growth causes great beauty around us.
Nicola Saunders